Gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers have the advantage of offering a small footprint and a flexible design, while still being very efficient in heat transfers. These advantages make the plate heat exchangers a perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Thanks to their excellent heat-transfer coefficients and their slim design, Thermofin’s gasketed plate heat exchangers have established themselves as an alternative to shell and tube heat exchangers in many fields. Thermofin reasserts its expertise as a manufacturer with the ITEX range, the result of long years of technical and thermal development during which nothing was left at random.

Controlled heat exchange

With capacities ranging from kilowatts to a number of megawatts, the particular chevron geometry offers the best compromise between thermal performance (coefficient of heat transfer) and energy efficiency. With the ITEX gasketed plate and frame exchangers, you have the full control over the performances.


Should the requirements of your application change, a future modulation of power can be easily achieved by adding, changing or removing gasketed plates from your unit.


Many materials for the plates and gaskets and many type of connections are available for all models of the ITEX range. The materials, patterns and thicknesses of plates are selected to ensure safety and longevity.

Plate materials
  • 304 Stainless steel
  • 316L Stainless steel
  • 254 SMO
  • Titanium (Gr.1)
Gasket materials
  • NBR
  • EPDM
  • EPDM Prx
  • MPT
  • Victaulic
  • Flange
  • Threaded

Multiple passes

With their simplicity and easy maintenance, the single-pass exchangers are the industry standard for this type of unit. But Thermofin also offers configurations with multiple passes to answer the more specific requirements of certain applications. Here’s a diagram illustrating the direction of flow in a single-pass exchanger.

Easy-to-use systems

Easy to repair and maintain, the ITEX gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers are amongst the most user-friendly units of the industry. In addition to the clear and well detailed technical manuals, Thermofin can send a team of qualified technicians to oversee your maintenance. The technological innovations, like patented “Plug-in” gaskets, tie rods side extraction, or auto-blocking bolts system, will surely make the difference in lowering the time and cost of your maintenances.

  • Side-removable plates
  • Many connection possibilities
  • Stainless steel guide bar
  • Plateau amovible monté sur rouleau
  • Patented “Plug-in” gaskets
  • One-person tightening
  • Easy and accurate alignment of plates
  • Écrous équipés de roulement à billes


Each unit is individually tested before shipment and built according to the highest standards of the industry, like CSA, ASME, ISO and PED. Manufactured with high quality materials, our ITEX range has a high resistance to corrosion. The possibility to clean between the plates, or to replace damaged plates individually, allow the ITEX to efficiently maintain its performance and extend its lifespan.


The ITEX units are accurately designed for optimized operation. All parts are replaceable, lengthening the unit’s lifetime. With their auto-blocking bolts system, only one person is required for assembling/disassembling the unit. Lateral extraction of the plates and tie rods provide a gain in space. With their compact design, the quantity of fluids circulating in the exchanger is minimized, making this technology a wise choice both economically and environmentally.

Ultra-exact selection

Validated by our partner’s Research & Innovation Centre, our selection software is based on a powerful thermal design engine.The compatibility of fluids and materials is ensured by a continuously enriched database. Thermofin’s range of heat exchangers is highly modular. To determine which models are exactly suited to your needs, our software analyses your thermal needs and allowable pressure losses for fluids. This is primordial during selection as it has an impact on plate selection and, thus, on the heat transfer area. Our software ensures this optimization. The plate exchangers we select are thermally guarantee.

Multiple uses

The ITEX gasketed plate and frame heat exchangers can be used in many type of heating and cooling applications. Here’s a short list of typical applications where a plate and frame unit would be a perfect solution :

  • Bearing oil cooling
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Marine applications : cooling with sea water
  • District cooling sub-stations
  • Industrial processes
  • Heat recovery on corrosive agent
  • Domestic water heating
  • Geothermal, solar, swimming-pool
  • Greenhouses
  • District heating
  • Industrial processes
  • Pools and spas heating

Thermofin has an extensive stock of gaskets, stainless steel plates and titanium plates for every models, allowing us to design, build and ship a unit in as low as 24 hours. Need a fast delivery? Call us!


1" or 1 1/4’’ connections
90 USGPM - 19 m3/h
PWB 2/4/8
2’’ connections
275 USGPM - 63 m3/h
PWB 7/16/26
2 1/2’’ - 3’’ connections
350 USGPM - 80 m3/h
PWB 11/18
4’’ connections
1000 USGPM - 240 m3/h
PWB 30/45/70
6’’ connections
1700 USGPM - 380 m3/h
PWB 40/60/90
8’’ connections
3500 USGPM - 800 m3/h
PWB 65/99

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